Price Guide

At Leessa Finishing we use the highest quality Italian paint to ensure a perfect finish. We are able to assist you with low sheen, high gloss, satin and laquiring finishes on a range of wood and MDF as well any type of surface.

We have a fully equipped spray shop which helps us to control the quality of finish and enables us to complete our projects quicker and without delays.

We only accept orders above 10m2. Below prices are based on flat panels and simple made up units that include 3 stages of treatment. (Initial preparation, priming and Top Coating- see Our Process page to understand the process that our finishes undergo to ensure the best finish).

There is also an additional charge on top for spraying panels with finger pulls, cutouts and grooves. Please enquire with us to see how much extra cost.

Price Guide Spraying Estimating

Matt/Satin PU Finish
10%-40% Sheen
High Gloss
Polished PU Finish
Clear PU Finish
5%-100% Sheen
2m– 50m2 £40 per m2 £85 per m2 £30 per m2 £5 per m2
50m– 100m2 £35 per m2 £80 per m2 £25 per m2 £5 per m2
100m– 1000m2 £30 per m2 £75 per m2 £20 per m2 £5 per m2
1000m+ please contact us for pricing

Prices given is for spraying flat panels.
We have the ability to spray over 3000m2 a month

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